Explain is recruiting two artificial intelligence experts

Lola Morvan

Paris, France — November 14, 2023 — Explain, a French startup at the forefront of generative artificial intelligence, announces the arrival of Lucile Vigue and Juliette Faille in its technical team. These strategic hires come at a crucial moment, reinforcing Explain's mission to revolutionize the interaction between businesses and the public sector through artificial intelligence.

Lucile Vigué, a polytechnician, doctor in microbiology from Paris Cité University, brings with her cutting-edge expertise in the advanced analysis of biological data via machine learning. In particular, she was rewarded of the L'Oréal-UNESCO Young Talents Award for Women in Science.

“Joining Explain represents for me a unique opportunity to contribute to AI applications that have a concrete impact on society, transcending the traditional boundaries of academic research,” Expresses Lucile.

Juliette Faille, a graduate of ETH Zürich and a doctoral student at LORIA/CNRS, has focused her research on Large Language Models (LLM), in particular the evaluation of model quality and hallucinations.

“I am excited to put my LLM knowledge at the service of innovations that not only impress on a technical level, but also respond to real challenges for businesses and citizens,” declares Juliette.

Lucile Vigué and Juliette Faille are both joining the technical team of Guillaume Barrois, CTO, whose work allows Explain to be at the forefront of French research on Large Language Models. In particular, they will work on “RAG” methods (Retrieval Augmented Generation), and on the use of LLMs for recommendations. These arrivals allow the Explain technical team to be almost equal (46% women), a rare occurrence in tech, where only 15% of data scientists are women.

These strategic hires demonstrate Explain's attractiveness in the face of global tech giants and opportunities in fundamental research. Lucile and Juliette have chosen to put their expertise at the service of a concrete application of LLMs, contributing to a cause that has a real and immediate impact on businesses and society.

“We are delighted to welcome Lucile and Juliette to our team. Their arrival highlights our commitment to attracting the best talent in a field where competition is fierce and mostly male. It also confirms the relevance of our approach, combining a leading technological ambition with a product that meets concrete market needs,” says Guillaume Liegey, CEO of Explain.

Explain is distinguished by its cutting-edge use of LLMs applied to public data, positioning France among the leaders in generative AI. Explain customers, which include major players in various sectors (energy, environment, construction, etc.), already benefit from advanced automation, processing 3 times more data in 5 times less time. With 100% European technology and global ambitions, Explain intends to play a decisive role in the development of the AI ecosystem in France and beyond.

About Explain

Explain, a leader in generative artificial intelligence, is dedicated to transforming interactions between the public sector and businesses. Through an innovative approach and concrete application of LLMs, Explain helps organizations navigate and thrive in a complex ecosystem. Explain now has around fifty customers, including a quarter of CAC 40 customers, in the energy, environment, telecommunications, construction, energy efficiency and city/smart city sectors.

For more information, visit the www.explain.fr.

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