Boring reading and writing is for machines.

Explain reinvents the working methods of professionals working with the public sector. By automating their most boring tasks, we free up time to do what no machine can do for them: transform public data into business opportunities.

2019 - AI for public data

Explain is the winner of the I-Nov competition, which promotes the emergence of French companies with the potential to become global leaders.

The jury supported the deep tech project led by Explain, funding the development of the first AI for public data.

2020-2021 - Research and Development

Our developers train their models on tens of thousands of public data and make accessible and analyzable more than 50 million documents, published by local authorities, governments and local newspapers.

At the same time, the Product team conducts hundreds of interviews with professionals to understand the difficulties associated with public procurement and design a product that meets their needs.

2022 - Go to market

Explain is winning over its first customers, including twenty major accounts in Energy, Environment, Development and Telecommunications sectors.

After the first few months of use, our users say they process 3x more information in 5x less time. The result: 100% customer subscriptions were renewed at the end of the first year.

2023 - Acceleration

Explain enjoys strong commercial traction with more than 60 converted customers, a quarter of which are CAC 40 companies. The company is accelerating its development with a financing round of 6 million euros.

On the tech side, the team is accelerating its AI roadmap by recruiting new profiles of machine learning researchers, to be at the forefront of R&D on Large Language Models (the technology behind ChatGPT).

2024 - Towards a world without paperwork

We believe that simpler access to data related to the public sector facilitates public-private dialogue, thereby improving the quality of services that citizens benefit from.

Within 5 years, our ambition is to see our technology used worldwide, radically transforming the approach to public tenders and administrative authorizations.

The ChatGPT of public procurement

Explain developed the first technology applying Large Language Models (the technology behind ChatGPT) to public data.

We are responding to two fundamental trends:

  • on the one hand, the emergence of automated reading and writing thanks to AI
  • on the other hand, the explosion of public data

For our customers, we have made more than 50 million documents accessible and analyzable, many of which had never been indexed, including by Google.

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12% of global GDP

Across the world, professionals that do business with governments face the same problem. Everywhere the quantity of documents published by contractors has exploded.

The need to simplify access to public data goes far beyond our borders. On a global scale, professionals who work with the public sector represent 15% of global GDP.

Our technology is built to allow a rapid international expansion : 90% of our NLP pipeline is language-agnostic.

The managers

Today, Explain is a team of 40 people, led by experts in their field and bringing together a wide range of skills: dev, data, product, ia/llm, sales, ops, csm, marketing, growth, design.


Since its creation, Explain has been supported by a group of business angels: managers of large companies and investment funds, experienced entrepreneurs. Incorporated in 2017, the investment funds Odyssée Capital Investment and Kima Ventures enabled Explain to acquire a strategic technology asset that now constitutes a strong barrier to entry for its potential competitors.

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