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Business Accelerator

3X more information
in 5X less time

Imagine a world without paperwork. A world where your time is no longer wasted looking for information in official documents. This is the world that Explain is building, through the first artificial intelligence tool dedicated to professionals working with the public sector.

Easy access
to public data

You automatically have access to strategic business information. Our models are trained to eliminate the “noise” around your topics of interest, saving you hours of tedious document research and reading.

One step ahead
of the competition

You are alerted to weak signals, which make it possible to predict that there's going to be a need. You'll be able to react more quickly than your competitors and choose the best time to position your offer.


The information obtained on competing contracts and the positions of elected officials helps you to prioritize your prospecting, to prepare your appointments and to build an offer tailored to the region's issues.

AI FOR Public data

The AI assistant for professionals
working with the public sector

Explain relieves its customers from the most tedious and repetitive tasks. They can focus on doing what no machine will be able to do for them: turn qualified data into a development strategy. Find out more about use cases related to your sector.


Identify new opportunities and follow everything that happens around your projects in development.

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Detect weak signals of the elected officials' needs and gain market shares.

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Smart City

Anticipate the needs of cities and be the first to react, before the publication of calls for tenders.

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Identify new construction opportunities and save time to go into the field meeting the elected officials.

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Follow the openings and extensions of your competitors and identify development opportunities.

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Follow local positions on telecom issues and adapt your speech to the concerns of elected officials.

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Key features

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Search engine intelligence

As easy as a search engine, search for topics and geography that interest you, without restrictions. Enter keywords or use our predefined themes to eliminate the “noise” around your industry.

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Unlimited alert customization

Personalize your alerts according to your themes of interest, your geographical perimeter and choose the frequency that suits you. You can adjust your alert settings at any time.

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Granularity of the filter on the elected

Consult the positions of elected officials in your geographical area to identify influencers, detractors and adapt your speech to their local concerns. You will also access their past functions.


Cutting-edge technology
for a better public - private dialogue

Large Language Models

Explain is among the first companies in the world to have found a concrete application for LLM, the technology behind ChatGPT.

AI Generative

Generative AIs will create an entire ecosystem of AI solutions for each business segment. Explain is the AI of professionals working with  public data.

50 million documents

We made tens of millions of documents accessible and analyzable, many of which had never been indexed, including by Google.

12% of global GDP

Professionals working with the public sector represent 12% of global GDP. Our AI will soon be used all over the world to simplify public - private interactions.

Image Explain Technologie de pointe

Our customers develop the projects that shape the world of tomorrow.
We provide them with the best technology to do it effectively.

ROI & Customer Satisfaction

Explain as told by its users

Christophe Thomas

External relations manager - Engie Green

“The expected results are already there: we have access to strategic information, enabling us to take immediate commercial action.”

Cette image nous envoie vers le témoignage de Christophe Thomas, responsable des relations extérieures chez Engie Green

Sarah Voisin

Responsable des relations territoriales Est et IDF chez Bouygues Telecom

“We've been looking for a tool to automatically gather this information for a long time.”

Image of Marie Martinelli, environmental land manager at Eqiom

Stéphanie Audinel

Development Director, Reden Solar
Smart City

“We need to know our territories perfectly, and that's what Explain's software allows us.”

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