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Manage your area from A to Z.

Hyperlocal and real-time data to quickly qualify the potential of a territory, prioritize your prospecting areas and promote the acceptance of your projects by stakeholders.
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Saving time and exhaustiveness

Relevant local information,

In a context where the publication of local public documentation is booming, Explain automates the collection and processing of all publications from local authorities, public administrations and local newspapers. No need to spend hours on the city halls' websites: relevant local information comes to you, effortlessly.

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the potential
of your zones

You are clear about the stages of development of competing projects and the opinions of the elected officials. This allows you to measure the risks and opportunities in each area in order to prioritize them.

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React first and meet the stakeholders

Urbanism documents, local press articles, speeches by an elected official... Weak signs of opportunity make you more responsive and relevant in your interactions with local authorities.

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Favor acceptability
of your projects

You know how the technical and environmental issues have been managed on other local projects. By addressing these constraints from the start, you favor the acceptance of your project.


The expected results are already there: we have access to strategic information, enabling us to take immediate commercial action.

The mass of relevant information is much greater than before. The deliberations of local authorities make it possible to identify opportunities and to monitor the climate of our projects in our territories.

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Photo Christophe Thomas
Christophe Thomas
External relations manager - Engie Green

User-centric product

Customized use
according to profiles

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Prospecting team

  • Territory: 8 departments
  • 5 weekly alerts
  • 20 relevant docs/week
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Preparing meetings in the field
Acceleration zones
EnR business Information
Public Inquiries
Prefectural orders
Opposition to renewable energy projects
Urbanism documents
Renewable energy opportunities
Icône Documents

Development team

  • Territory: 4 departments
  • 8 weekly alerts
  • 30 relevant docs/week
  • Do not miss anything in your local municipalities
  • Follow renewable energy news at the local level
Your project
Movements of elected officials
Local events
Community movements
MRAe review
Public Inquiries
Urbanism documents
Prefectural orders
EnR Business Information
Icône Jumelles

Transversal services

  • Territory: National
  • 10 weekly alerts
  • 20 relevant docs/week
  • Supporting priority projects
  • Keep an eye on competitors and elected officials
Opposition to renewable energy projects
EnR Business Information
Political movements
Cross-cutting services
Use Type
Territory: 8 departments
5 weekly alerts
50 relevant docs in alerts per week
Territory: 4 departments
8 weekly alerts
30 relevant docs in alerts per week
Territory: National
10 weekly alerts
80 relevant docs in alerts per week
Identify new opportunities
Preparing field appointments
Don't miss anything about projects and their context
Follow renewable energy news at the local level
Supporting priority projects
Keep an eye on competitors and elected officials

1st hyperlocal database

+50K new documents
hosted every day

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Local press
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Prefectures and MRAe
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Administrative documents
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Directory of elected officials
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Energy union

Local press

Press titles: all the regional daily press and local economic press

Editions: web and paper

Consumption: unlimited

Prefectures and MRae

How much: 100% of prefectures and MRae scanned

Types of documents: MRae notice, notice of the opening of a public investigation, public investigation files, prefectural orders

Administrative documents

How many: 100% of municipalities and EPCI scanned, i.e. 23K having a site

Types of documents: deliberations, municipal council reports, urban planning documents, local gazettes

Directory of elected officials

Completeness: all elected officials are referenced there (+840K elected officials)

Format: Sheet by elected officials and prefects with the history of their positions

Update every 6 months and in case of election

Skills unions

Skills: Energy, Waste, Water and Sanitation, Planning Schemes, Telecom, Roads

Type of documents: deliberations, budget guidance documents, annual reports


Today, teams of project managers use the software on a daily basis. First of all, it allows us to follow political movements in the territories we cover.

L’ergonomie du logiciel a permis à chaque chef de projet de le prendre en main très facilement. Chacun a pu paramétrer une veille locale et fine sur les territoires sur lesquels il développe. Tout le temps gagné sur cette veille, c’est du temps gagné sur le terrain."

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Adrien Loiselet
Occitan Development Manager - Agrivoltaic/Photovoltaic Projects - Reden

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