Capture every opportunity with Explain in 2024

Guillaume Liegey

As the year comes to an end, we want to thank you: it is your trust that allows us to innovate every day to revolutionize territorial intelligence.

Here's how we're pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence to give you a head start.

Detect weak signals

Anticipating public procurement is crucial. After 4 years of intensive R&D, Explain is now the only solution capable of using AI to capture these decisive weak signals, long before they become calls for tenders. You are not only informed, but ready to act.

A strengthened team for a redefined future

Technological excellence is the key to our innovations. The recent arrival of three doctoral students specialized in Machine Learning reinforces our unique expertise in Large Language Models (LLM) and our leadership in innovation in artificial intelligence applied to public data.

Explain: your exclusive partner for unique monitoring

Explain is individualized monitoring, processing up to 60,000 documents per day, including unexplored data from communities of all sizes. Where conventional searches fail, Explain excels, increasing your surveillance coverage by 87% and providing +20% efficiency compared to 5-10% via traditional methods (like Google search).

2024 - Two innovations to save you even more time

1. Be alerted to tenders before your competitors

Some tools already allow you to be informed when a public call for tenders is published. In the first half of 2024, thanks to Explain, you will not only be alerted as soon as a call for tenders is issued, but you will be alerted more quickly and in a targeted manner (you will only receive tenders that are relevant to you).

2. Our first generative feature: automatic information extraction

A generative feature focused on the automatic extraction of critical information will be launched in 2024. Faced with the avalanche of public sector data, your Explain assistant is more than ever the essential safeguard for identifying relevant information, saving you valuable hours and considerable effort.

The Explain commitment: innovation and opportunities

Each email from Explain brings value to you, revealing opportunities that are often overlooked. While you are overwhelmed with information, Explain alerts are the most relevant and directly usable. In 2024, expect more than one watch; prepare for a partnership that turns every signal into a possibility.

We look forward to supporting you in this new era of business intelligence, where every piece of information counts and every opportunity is at your fingertips. Ready for a future where your intelligence works for you and not the other way around?