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Paul Ballion

“We've been looking for a tool to automatically gather this information for a long time.”

Marie Martinelli, Environmental land manager

From the sandpit of Vandières in Meurthe et Moselle, one of the company's historic sites Eqiom, Marie Martinelli and Loïc Traverse, respectively environmental land manager and director, share their views on territorial intelligence software Goodwill. They explain to us how it has transformed working methods field teams.

Tell us about Eqiom!

Marie Martinelli : At Eqiom we make concrete, aggregate and cement, and with Loïc we are the party that takes care of everything related to aggregate quarries. We are here on the site of Vandières in Meurthe et Moselle, a site that is now more than fifty years old, it is one of our historic sites.

What is the role of the land department at Eqiom?

Loïc Traverse : Our mission is to guarantee the sustainability of the business at Eqiom Aggregates. One of the strengths of the Eqiom company is precisely its local presence. We are a very locally based business because we consume space. We have relationships with stakeholders: landowners, farmers, town halls, administrations, local associations. We are therefore committed to maintaining this local presence and these good relationships with stakeholders, which are a guarantee of the sustainability of our business.

What are the challenges you are facing?

MM — For us, local information is something that is difficult to find on a daily basis. It requires a lot of investment, commitment, to monitor this information day by day in the municipalities, sometimes in the communities of municipalities. It's time that we don't put in our files.

What is your use of the software?

MM — I have a fairly important competition monitoring component, with a weekly alert to follow what's happening across the country: openings, competitors' career extensions, for example.

Obviously, I have an alert on our implementation sites, for which I have set myself a daily reminder so as not to miss anything. It is quite broad in terms of topics because sometimes, there are things that we have not necessarily identified in advance and that can still have an impact on the activity.

And finally, I have a weekly alert on the municipalities where we have projects, where we imagine developing. Here, the tool can represent a decision aid.

What is your perception of the tool after these first months of use?

LT — It is a tool that allows us to anticipate and sense what will happen in the territories in which we are based, therefore very well suited for our activities.