🎬 Replay Webinar — Territorial Intelligence & Community Relations

Quentin Rogé

Whether you are an EnR project manager, property development manager, commercial local authority manager in waste management, career development manager or regional director in telecom, relationships with local authorities are at the heart of your job. So you needaccess strategic local information for your business, with a minimum of effort. That's what prompted us to launch Goodwill a few months ago.

The tool gives you simplified access to all data from local authority publications and the local press. It meets the needs of field teams in detecting opportunities, ofanticipation of impacting events And of understanding the needs of public actors.

During this webinar, Quentin Rogé, Marketing and Sales Director at Explain answers the following questions:

👉 What is Theterritorial intelligence and how does it help you develop your projects ?

👉 How the tool fits into your business process ?

👉 What are the latest features developed for our customers?